Energy + Root Work with Kayla Bree to uproot & shift your life on the subconscious level


Hi, I'm Kayla - a certified life coach, psychic intuitive + medium, and an Emotion Code practitioner. I use a powerful mix of mindset work and bodywork that allows you to tap into your subconscious mind to get to the root of any past trauma, experience, or belief that is disrupting your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self. The groundwork of my sessions/readings is all about finding and releasing trapped emotions within your mind & body so you can evolve past old patterns, break generational cycles, and clear any mental blocks that stop you from embodying your deepest truths and becoming the person you want to be. 

This work is for you if you're ready to experience massive shifts in your personal & spiritual development + undo years of unprocessed emotional junk projected onto by your family, society and yourself. Welcome to your Unbecoming!


My work is a blend of energy clearing, subconscious work, mindset & lifestyle reprogramming, intuition, and channeling whatever spirits come through during our sessions. We'll start off by intuitively pinpointing what issues you're facing and what you want to be consciously working on. Then we tap into your subconscious to find what trapped emotions and beliefs are causing the issue at hand and get to the root of it. This is where the transformation begins! We'll use a powerful energy clearing technique, implement new belief systems, and welcome any messages that come through. You'll leave each session with an in-depth email highlighting everything that took place during our session so you can reflect, process, and look back at your progress.


Emotion Code Session

In this 60-minute session, we'll tap into your subconscious mind to find and release trapped emotions that are surfacing, and end the session with conscious reflection. The session is recorded and sent via email.

$111 Exchange

$55 / 30-minutes sessions

Emotion Code Package Sessions

This option is perfect if you want to continue using Emotion Code to uncover deeper layers and continue targeting specific areas. These follow-up sessions are bundled together as 4x 60-minute sessions which are recorded and sent via email after the session for your personal reflection.

$333 Exchange

Uproot & Shift 90-Day Container

Uproot & shift is a 90-day container where we deep dive into every nook and cranny that is YOU. This immersive experience combines Emotion Code and belief reprogramming that will catapult you out of your crap and into your power. 

$999 / $333 a month 

Channeled Email Reading

This reading is done via email where you can ask up to 5 questions to tap into whatever guidance, lesson, or message you need. I'll read the energy of where you are now and give any and all insight that comes through. Your questions can be anything from general life advice, business questions, karmic & soul lessons, relationships, and so on.

$44 Exchange

"The new era of personal development doesn't just focus on mindset work; it heavily focuses on the bodywork too, as our physical body is what stores our past, present and future trauma" - Kayla Bree